Black & White Army Memberships - Join Now


Dear Supporters,

The 2017 Season is underway and the time to jump on board is now!

The last few years at the club have been tough, but, tough times always draw the strongest members from the woodwork, showing resilience and loyalty a Club is built on.

2017 is the start of something new and exciting for the Club, but we need you on board for the journey.

With a host of new recruits added to our nest and improving playing list, we see this as a new and exciting era for the club as we strive our way back to Division 1.

A Club can only achieve greatness when the sum of its parts unite as one. "If you are from Scoresby, then come and join us" and be part of an exciting journey which starts now!

Our Black & White Army members will now also recieve a weekly 'MyPunter Coaches Box' updating members of team selection and other useful information prior to gameday.

Members will also recieve a 10% at Scoresby Thai Restaurant located in Scoresby Village when they show their Black & White Army keyring upon arrival.

Black & White Army and other memberships can be bought from our website and will be available Thursday night at our team selection dinner from Ash King and Rebecca Hehir.

Will you join us?

There's a Welcome Mat for You!