Meet our 2018 Coach



Age - 36
Relationship - Married
Junior Clubs - Knoxfield Bulldogs (now Scoresby Magpie Juniors)
Position - Half Back / Wing

So, pre-season has started - are you happy with the numbers and how do you see it going?
Numbers have been great - 45 and 53 in the first week - totalling 65 players with 13 - 15, under 19s! There are still 20 players who haven’t trained yet - We have a healthy stock.

The group have shown hunger and strength and ready to take the next step. We need to establish consistency in driving the expectations that we have of each other. For example - getting to training and doing all the right things. - not letting each other down.

What are you looking to achieve in pre-season?
The first few weeks will be on skills and touching the footy as much as we can. Fitness is a secondary focus - strengthening the core to prevent soft tissue injuries.

After Xmas, we'll work on structures and game plan; press; ball movement.

How do you see the Magpies flying in 2018?
We want to continue to improve!! This is measured in different ways... Supporters will measure it on wins and losses (we are aiming at 13 wins) - but hopefully if we do all the little things right, this will fall into place. I measure improvement on these; commitment to the groups training; not letting each other down; prehab and rehab when injured.
Ultimately, we want to make and win finals in 2018.

Who are the supporters to keep an eye on this year?
The depth of the group is going to be a strength rather than a weakness this year. There will be genuine competition for a spot but this can be disappointing for players. Quality players will fill our ressies in 2018.
All our new recruits will have an impact - Marcius, Legg, Chadwicks', C McConnon and Ryall as will our other senior players - Wade, Duncan, Milligan, Owen, The Bronsgeest's and The Hicks' - but I’m most excited about seeing the growth of the development group - (1st yr.) Sonsie, Jones, DuVallon, Bardsley, McNee, Stock, Hawes and Crawford are the ones to watch.....
Jack Para is flying!

Being a Playing Coach - how do you feel you'll influence the players on the field?
On field, I’m a player and a leader. I’ll try my best to develop players through feedback but I’m encouraging them to think for themselves and make educated decisions. And I expect my teammates to instruct, motivate and support me. We are a team. Justbecause I’m the coach doesn’t change the fact I’m a player, a teammate and an equal!

And some words for the Members/Supporters of the Scoresby Magpies.......

Get on board and join us for a ride in 2018. It’s one you don’t want to miss out on! Be a part of a resurgence of a club that we all love and want to see improve both on and off the field.

You are a massive part of this great club!

Thanks for all the support so far and hopefully that continues to grow in 2018 and beyond!