Club update from our President



Dear Members, Supporters and Players,

I wish to provide an update on the progress achieved so far by the committee since coming into being in November 2018.

The committee has been working very hard in the background to achieve a number of things, these include:

We have seen an increase in the sponsorship of the Club and I wish to thank all sponsors for their support of the Club and recognise the fantastic work being done in this area by Carly Fraser.

The Finance team of Shannon Thompson and Harry Birkenfelds, who have worked very hard to establish a budget for the coming season that is both reasonable and achievable along with the ongoing banking and payment requirements that are needed even during the off season, thank you to you both for all your hard work.

The Social Committee have been very busy arranging the schedule for events during the year and have been ably led by Rebecca Hehir and I am looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible through the season to make the events very successful for the Club. The schedule of the events for the year will be provided soon for you to all lock in these dates to attend, well done to Rebecca and her team.

The Football department has been working very hard to sign players and coaches and we have many players returning to play again for the Club this season and I wish to thank Peter Richards and Anthony Hehir along with the Coaches and players for their continued support and commitment to Club and I look forward to seeing the teams playing throughout the season and wish them all the best for their on-field successes.

The Netball Club has completed their trials and have 4 teams for the 2019 season with a great number of new faces joining the Club. Given their fantastic win last season in Premier Reserve, we are all looking forward to seeing the teams bring further success to the Club. Go Pies!!!

The Veterans are due to commence their training soon and they all very keen to repeat their outstanding efforts from last season and go back to back this season and I look forward to seeing them around the Club and supporting them throughout the season.

Joel Thompson and Owen Chadwick are engaged with the Junior Clubs and will be seeking further assistance from the playing group to help at times with the juniors. These are very important relationships that will ensure the Club has a bright future and provide an avenue for the juniors to play senior football at Scoresby, well done lads, keep up the great work.

Membership packages have been developed by Anthony Hehir and there are many different packages to choose from, something to suit all interests. These are available to purchase online through the Club Website and if you require any further information regarding a membership, please have a chat with Anthony Hehir.

Our purchasing officer Rhonda Stock has been very busy identifying suppliers for the Club and has had many great ideas to assist the Club through the season, many of which will benefit the Club, well done and thank you Rhonda, along with your greatest supporter Ross.

Sue Anderson and Jenny Waryszczuk are in the process of developing a merchandise list to be placed on the Club Webpage for members and supporters to purchase and show your Club colours at all games through the season, well done ladies, keep up the great work.

To our Secretary Natalie Coleman, who keeps the wheels turning in the background and is the quiet achiever, thank you for all your hard work and support.

To all the volunteers within the Club who have offered to assist and help throughout the season, I can’t thank you all enough, you are what make this a great Club to be part of and you are vital to the success of the Club.

To the Scoresby Cricket Club Committee, I wish to thank you for your fantastic support in allowing the us to utilise the ground for training on both Monday and Wednesday evenings, this is truly appreciated by all the coaches and players and the committee and I look forward to working together to gain benefits for both Clubs into the future.

A matter I wish to also make you all aware of, is the issue of rumours and innuendos that I have been made aware of and put some factual information out there to try and put them to rest.

Rumour 1 - The Club is in financial difficulties.

This is not the case and the Club is meeting all of its requirements in relation to finances and has funds in the bank.

Rumour 2 - The Players were not paid last season.

This is totally untrue and all players, coaches and staff have all been paid for their roles last season.

Rumour 3 - The Club cannot pay its players this season.

This is also totally untrue and the budget that has been set is achievable and realistic throughout the season.

If members or supporters become aware of any further rumours or they require any further clarity, please do not hesitate to contact one of the committee members to discuss the matter.  


Finally, I wish to thank everyone one for their support to Dave Plumridge and myself in our roles so far, it has been a steep learning curve and we are both very impressed by the enthusiasm around the Club and are looking forward to a successful season both on and off the field.


Kind regards


David Renkin

President/Chair Scoresby Football & Netball Club