The Eastern Football League has officially announced the 2019 Eastland EFL senior men’s and Deakin University Eastern Region Women’s finals series venues. 

A total of 11 EFL clubs across five council regions will host senior finals in 2019, with a number of them doing so whilst playing in finals themselves – a credit to their respective volunteer bases. Meanwhile, Bayswater is set to host the top-tier men’s grand final for an 18th-consecutive season, while Ringwood’s Jubilee Park will host its first grand final since 2012.

After ground improvements, Mulgrave will host senior women’s finals including grand finals, and, following years of hosting top-level junior finals, East Ringwood and Scoresby will be added to the senior finals mix.

Key finals dates  

BJS Insurance Veterans: 

Sunday, August 18: Semi-final 1 and semi-final 2 (Lilydale Sports Oval)

Sunday, September 1: Grand final (Lilydale Sports Oval)

Senior men’s: 

Saturday, August 24: Division 1 QF (Tormore Res., Boronia); Division 3 SF2 (Bayswater Oval); Division 4 SF2 (Central Res., Glen Waverley)

Sunday, August 25: Division 1 EF (Tormore Res., Boronia); Division 3 SF1 (Bayswater Oval); Division 4 SF1 (Central Res., Glen Waverley)

Saturday, August 31: Premier Division QF (Bayswater Oval); Division 1 SF2 (Tormore Res., Boronia); Division 2 SF2 (East Burwood Res.); Division 3 PF (Jubilee Park, Ringwood)

Sunday, September 1: Premier Division EF (Central Res., Glen Waverley); Division 1 SF1 (East Ringwood Res.*); Division 2 SF1 (East Burwood Res.); Division 4 PF (Scoresby Rec. Reserve)

Saturday, September 7: Premier Division SF2 (Bayswater Oval); Division 1 PF (Tormore Res., Boronia); Division 2 PF (East Burwood Res.); Division 3 GF (Jubilee Park, Ringwood)

Sunday, September 8: Premier Division SF1 (Central Res., Glen Waverley); Division 4 GF (Scoresby Rec. Reserve)

Saturday, September 14: Premier Division PF (Bayswater Oval); Division 1 GF (Tormore Res., Boronia)

Sunday, September 15: Division 2 GF (East Burwood Res.)

Saturday, September 21: Premier Division GF (Bayswater Oval)

*Venue dependent on East Ringwood playing finals.

Deakin University Eastern Region Women’s: 

Saturday, August 17: Premier Division SF2 (South Belgrave Rec. Reserve); North Division SF1 and SF2 (South Belgrave Rec. Reserve)

Sunday, August 18: Premier Division SF1 (Silvan Rec. Reserve); Division 1 SF1 and SF2 (Silvan Rec. Reserve); South Division SF1 and SF2 (Mulgrave Res.)

Saturday, August 24: Premier Division PF (Silvan Rec. Reserve); Division 1 PF (Silvan Rec. Reserve)

Sunday, August 25: North Division PF (Mulgrave Res.); South Division PF (Mulgrave Res.)

Sunday, September 1: Premier Division GF (Lilydale Sports Oval); Division 1 GF (Lilydale Sports Oval); North Division GF (Mulgrave Res.); South Division GF (Mulgrave Res.)