Message from our President


Dear Members,Players,Supporters and Sponsors,


Welcome to season 2020, well almost anyway. This weekend would have seen the first round of football commence in normal circumstances, but what we are currently facing as a community is anything short of normal. The pre-season was shaping up well with great numbers attending training in both Football and Netball and we would be fielding all 4 teams in Football and 4 teams in Netball which is a sensational effort by all concerned. The coaches and coaching staff were all looking forward to starting the season in what I think most of us would be hoping to be a successful one for the club. As most of you would know by now, the EFNL has suspended the commencement of the season until the end of May at this stage, however as thing progress with the spreading of COVID 19, the likelihood of the season going ahead at all will be problematic and we will all have to wait for further advice from the League in relation to what happens next.


At present, we are seeing many, including many of our players, members, supporters and sponsors staring to lose their jobs and close businesses due to the virus and unfortunately this will continue for many into the foreseeable future. With this in mind, as much as the Club is an important part of your lives, our focus must be on defeating the virus and keeping our Family and Friends safe to enable the community and our club to rebuild once it is safe to do so. We need to look after and support each other and keep in contact via electronic means and adhere to the guidance provided by the experts as we move into an uncertain future for many. There is one certainty in the current situation and that is that we will beat this and come out the other end stronger and more resilient than ever before.


As many of you would be seeing, there are many ways we can share things in the club, which include postings of your activities, sharing recipes and many other items you may feel like sharing with each other, as life must continue, so lets all get on board and start the ball rolling.


Finally, I wish to end on a positive note, and that is that I was formally advised this week that Knox Council will be providing the funds for the lighting upgrade at Scoresby, with the works commencing next week. This is a fantastic outcome for the club and we will be able to play night games once they are completed and I wish to acknowledge Daniel Clarke and his team at the Council for their hard work to make this occur. Here’s hoping we get to utilise them this year!!.


To each and everyone of you, stay safe, look after yourselves and your Family and Friends and I look forward to catching up with you once we come out the end of this.



Dave Renkin

President Scoresby Football & Netball Club