SFNC 100 year Anniversary




Creation of Scoresby Football & Netball Club History Book to celebrate upcoming Centenary Year.


The Scoresby Football & Netball Club is set to celebrate their centenary year in 2025.

To celebrate and recognise this anniversary, the club is planning on developing and creating a ‘Scoresby Football & Netball Club History Book’.

This history book will consist of anything that is relevant to the club’s 100 years of existence including content such as remembering premierships, images, historic information, etc.

President David Renkin is looking to have a committee formed to work together on creating this book as it is going to take some time and a significant amount of work to produce it prior to 2025.

He has asked the community of Scoresby, and anyone who has been associated with the Scoresby Football & Netball Club to bring forward anything that could be considered valuable material for the book.

“Please come forward if you have anything that you think is of relevance to our club history”, he said.

“We would love to see photos, new or old and to hear stories that you have of the club. We have a rich and strong history and we want to celebrate it in our centenary year in 2025”.

The club is proud of its history and knows that there has been so many special memories and moments to be recollected in their centenary year in 2025.

It is urged that as many people come forward to provide as much content for this book as it will not only help the club create it, but it will also display the incredible journey of Scoresby’s 100 years of existence.

If you have any information or could provide the Scoresby Football Club with content to help produce this celebratory history book, please send an email to scoresby@efnl.org.au


The club is looking forward to celebrating in 2025 and looks forward to hearing from their members and community.